Apple Watch Case - EV44 - Silver
Apple Watch Case - EV44 - Silver
Apple Watch Case - EV44 - Silver

Apple Watch Case - EV44 - Silver

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Our design team has created a case that allows you to transform your regular Apple Watch into a watch that you can wear in all occasions, Whether you are going to work, going to a party or working out, this classic design will fit your style.

You can also personalize it even more by simply replacing the bracelet with a color or material that suits your look of that particular day.

Made with the same manufacturing methods that Swiss watch industry has used for centuries, this watch with its timeless design will easily find its place in your watch collection. The Case is carved from a solid 316L Stainless steel block, the surfaces are expertly hand polished by a master craft man to give the watch it's extra ordinary look.

Our 44mm Apple Watch Cases are limited to only 999 pcs worldwide, each marked with a unique number engraved on the temple.

NOTE! The delivery date for this collection is estimated to the middle of February 2021.

44mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and SE.

316L Stainless steel

42 mm x 46 mm

The case doesn’t affect the water resistant of the apple watch

12 mm

316L Stainless steel chain bracelet and buckle.

Instruction book, Watch Case, Bracelet, Screws